Some Random Annoying Distance

17 Apr


#nowlistening Lady Antebellum – When You Were Mine

Long distance relationship is not easy. It needs a lot of hard works, from both parts, of course. More than once I mentioned that this kind of relationship is not for everyone. Especially those who cannot deal peacefully with the distance thingy. Not just it consumes a lot money to travel for meeting your other half, credit for countless phone call whenever both aren’t available to meet each other; it dries up your emotions. For those who have been in one, they will agree that distance is a shitty thing. Worse, if you don’t know whether you and your partner are going to end up in one place in the end. Or at least, whenever none of you know how long this distance thingy will separate both of you. Not every story has a happy ending, you know.

A war worth fighting for is the one that we see the value of all the fighting we did along the war and we know that we have chance to win it, even for just the slightest possibility. A relationship worth fighting for if both of you want to take the chance and can be together in the end. But, if you know you could be a good match, unfortunately you didn’t see how this could end up well, so…why bother?

The story of my long distance relationship? well, it was good. Then it was not so good anymore. End of the story. Haha sorry no specific details here. Let’s just say that perhaps I’m not born with the ability to survive on one.

The only thing certain about life is the uncertainty itself. It means there is possibility that your (long distance relationship) story could be the one that last forever and have the happily ever after ending. But, yeah, once again, the choice is yours. After all, it’s you and you only who knows what actually make you happy, right



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