On My Life, Lately.

6 Jul

I kind of not knowing what to do lately, except re-reading some old collection of books, browsing weird terms and knowledge, watching movies. Since it’s a school holiday, I don’t do private teaching course. It also an after final semester exam which means I don’t have class to attend or assignments to do. And well, I don’t take a new role in the organization, which make my current schedule become even flexible than ever.

Ramadhan means the time of the year for fasting, for saving the energy (LOL maybe it just me), for spending more time with families and friends. Having a lot of free time to myself, I busied myself by attending some non formal classes and charity events. Also apply for volunteering in a place to teach very young children until almost-grown up kids near Simpang Lima. And all of sudden, I don’t have too much available time except for Friday and weekend, which soon already been filled by Iftar (breakfasting) plans with friends, either from organizations, projects, internship, or communities. Hahahaha I start to think that I cant handle of being lazy and sleeping all day and not doing anything longer than two days, don’t I? =P hey, it’s good to be busy, and I can always use some more friends in my life haha

Anyway, lately there are a lot of things that I read online, either it’s interesting or not. good or silly. Applicable or simply theoretical. Theological mindset or scientifically proven. And a lot things that I cant really put into classification. Sometimes, when I scrolled down the timeline either in Facebook or in Twitter, I usually found some status or more like a short story or a long conversations that talking about relationship. It can be between girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife or people in our society or anything. While the contents–most of time–are meant for giving out a good values and better perspectives on how to see a relationship in a different light, unfortunately there are few stories that are making me sick just reading its first few sentences. No, not that I don’t like love story. It just….I cant grasp the main reason of why the story to be told that way. Making it looks more unrealistic because it was given too much lebay-ness hahaha lebay-ness, what a word..

The example of to much doses of lebay-ness love story is when it seems that life mainly focus merely on the relationship itself. It looks like that love is the only thing that matter in life OR the story tells about an imaginative condition of love that it will survive no matter how bad your partner treating you during the periode of relationship. OR, it’s about a person that give up their life for their other behalves, even though they wont get anything out of it and then in the end, after years of living the life that way, the partner realize and the happy ending suddenly happen. Well, in case you haven’t figured out it yet, the chance it actually happen in the real life (perhaps) is only 1 of 100 cases. Speaking of nonsense way to living our life, dear.

And here, I wonder how many people actually believe of those stories and did take it into consideration whenever they want to act in an almost similar situation.

A story worth reading for is the one that educate us to learn something that benefit us in life. A good story talks about a possible and solutive way to face situations in life. Even on a minimum benefit that if a story merely meant to entertain us, it should give us different perspective on seeing things that make it more entertaining and give actual difference on how to see things. Or well, at least, a story shared in a media where wide range of people can read them supposed to at least not giving them unrealistic imagination of something.

Haha I don’t mean to make a limitation about what people can post in social media or what doesn’t. Well, nobody cant control what others do anyway, right? Yet, I’m allowed to decide what I want to read and whatnot. I have my privilege on what I prefer to show up in my timeline in social media. And I can do whatever it is necessarily to do for filtering information or perspectives that possibly affect my way of thinking. And guess what? You can too.

I think I’m gonna start unfriend or unfollow or hide friends that often posting such stories in their status since today. To give more spaces for a worthier stuffs to be shown up every time I scroll down the news feed/timeline. Because they said, the less things you need to be focused on, the more focus you become for more actually important things. Sometimes, some changes are needed to make your life better, guys!



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