Semarang: Iftar Picnic Plan In Tugu Muda

23 Jul

Living in a city for longer than 2 years could provide you with more time to explore more of its hidden yet pleasurable parts of the city. I know that in most of people first impression of Semarang always about its various and delicious culinary dishes, well, because that’s what the city best known for. Yes, the food still interest me til now, but by the time I already stay longer than 4 years, it is the activities and the events that keep reminding me of a good times this city could always provide. Better yet, I got friends and a lot of friends to create moments with.

Recently, I crossed off another wish in my have-to-do list, which is held a public outing in one of Semarang’s green open space. Or perhaps something like a picnic in the public park. Several days before the Ramadhan ends, the idea to held a potluck gathering in a public park comes up in the conversation and most of people in the group easily agree with it. No detailed yet about when or where or how the gath will be, but I think the idea of group outing enthusiast everyone so they just go along with it. After some considerations, it was agreeable to held it on one of known public park in Semarang, which is Tugu Muda Park. Tugu Muda Park is a circle park surrounding the Tugu Muda’ statue located in one of the busiest intersection in the city.

Planning an outing potluck gathering is rather easy. You just need to make a list of who will bring what kind of food, simply to make sure there will be a variety of the dishes and you can easily bring something that someone hasn’t put on the list yet. Since it held in the outdoor area, make sure to pick a day that has less or even no possibility of raining; and don’t forget to bring something to cover the place you guys will sit. Also prepare for a proper amount of plastic/paper plates and cups and spoons and forks. That’s it.

Oh, one more thing. dont forget to pick the place and set the clear time and make sure everyone familiar with the direction of the place. Having difficulty explaining the location to a person who dont have a good orientation skill? Simply share your gps location. Nowadays everything just one click away.

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This is a monthly gathering of Couchsurfing Semarang, held in Tugu Muda’s Park on July 15, 2015. The spirit was awesome. The circumstances was lovely. I mean there is no rain, the wind was not so strong yet enough to comfort every single person attending the gathering. The foods were marvelous. LOL I mean there were literally so much food for everyone to eat and even still a lot of leftover which some of them still perfectly sealed.

This might be the first of many picnic moments that I would certainly love to plan again. And thanks again to everyone contributed in this moments, especially mba Eny for once again being the lovely CS ambassador and bring all of the necessary equipment for us to eat, drink and sit.  See you again in another plans, another places, and another public outings, guys! 😀



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