A Little about Me


My self Summary

way to describe me: cheerful, easy-going, fond of travelling things, book-worm.

I love socializing. It feels interesting and challenging whenever I meet someone with different characteristics and be friend with them. because, sometimes, person like that could be the one that last forever.

I’m enjoying my life, and happy with it. I spend a lot time with much friends. doing simple, silly things together. Friends mean a lot for me. They always make my life colorful, and always make me smile each days.

I do believe in soul mates, but I don’t believe that there’s only one soul mate out there for every one person. I believe that everyone has more than one soul mates, can be five, or seven, or ten. Whichever one you’d end up with depends on external factors. But you’d be equally happy, because they are all meant for you.

I am currently an Urban and Regional Planning student. I have great passion and concern towards the environment, especially in where I live. However, I read, I learn, I observe. I discuss. Because I was a student, still is, and will always be one. I have interest on learning about specifically about 3D modelling, designing master-plan, surveying.

I enjoy to wander in somewhere new, to find the unknown, to taste the unusual food, to talk to interesting stranger, to volunteer and to create a better world through simple act. Earning friendship and gaining connection through social work and international events/conferences. You can’t change the world in a night and merely on your own, but a small step following with other small step and another one and so on, can bring you on the top of the mountain. That way I believe simple act do matter.

Travelling without border, is an addiction. I’ve been lost in the French Concession in Shanghai. I’ve been stuck in the crowd of Chatuchak market in Bangkok. I’ve lost camera in Sentosa Island, Singapore. Yet, I still don’t want to stop, at least, until I can’t stand on my own feet.

Feel free to sent me email to deanira1@gmail.com, to ask, to share, or anything.




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